An Amazing Feeling

Ever since I started to be honest about my bisexuality and ever since my first sexual experience with another guy I feel like I'm discovering a lot of other things about my sexuality that I didn't know previously. It's an amazing feeling.
Scott88 Scott88
22-25, M
4 Responses Jul 27, 2010

congratulations! u finally got to experiance something new, something u have been thinking about for awhile. i'm on the same journey u were. i've been bicurious for years off & on but as the years went by i came closer to coming to terms with my sexuality. i'm looking for sexual discovery & i hope to find the right people to explore that with. sex is such a big part of everyday life plus it's fun. it should be enjoyed. i'm looking for the freedom to learn & have fun while i'm doing it. it's my right.

That's wonderful! Always do you!

I loved your story. It's nice that you had some friends that encouraged you to act on your impulses and explore. Life is an adventure if your decide to discover and learn about what others deny.

yes but you don't have to tell everybody you know, I am bisexual I am 41 years old and I became bisexual when I was 16, and very few people knows about this, and I enjoyed every time and is like you said, you found out about certain things you never knew before, and guys knows how to touch you better than a woman and women make you a real man, so what the heck you go to one side and or the other when ever you **** like it. When some hetero or gay guy tell you to stay in one side because the "grass on the other side is greener" let me tell you when you see the grass greener in the other side is true is greener but is because some ******* bastard is painting it. Is better being Bi. believe me you enjoy your sexual life to the fullest...