Theory & Practice

I have been going through an emotional and sexual shift lately. The basis of this transition is found in my conscience which basically has quietly declared that a general sexual curiousity isn't enough. There was a time when a general sexual curiousity was enough of a reason to try to throw something together. No longer will that do. A new friend of along with an old one brought this to light in the midst of our conversations. We talk about some of the raunchiest material out there. However it is done with an almost quiet understanding that there are fine lines that can never be crossed. The line I am referring to is that between theory and practice. Now, flirting is done mostly on the basis of theory with the chance of any one of those said theories being put into practice somewhere around 1 in a million. You do have some people with whom the odds are far higher largely because of arrogance, cockiness or outright confidence. I never throw down my cards meaninglessly. When I put a card down, any girl or woman worth her salt who has read so much as ONE of my stories knows that it could be: an ace of hearts, a jack of clubs or a queen of diamonds. Could even be a royal flush for her mind, body and soul.

Yes flirting is a game and when you understand that - when you rise in stature and station to a point where you are like a chess grandmaster, setting up a quietly heartshaking showdown; then you can understand how someone like me can call themselves the Game. Why am I the Game? Because I am 5-7 steps ahead while most people are three moves behind.  A friend once claimed I demand too much from women. I suppose I do but that is only from those who walk that fine tightrope between temptation and manipulation. Temptation being the intent to tease and please, manipulation being the intent of teasing without any hope of pleasing. I will draw lines, I will keep the closest of friends outside my fortress gates if necessary. I can't play the same sexual playful games without paying a price like I used to. I am going through a transition - from rakish scoundrel to dashing, stubborn and uncompromising rogue. Project Rogue is underway and if you are not down with my transformation, I've got two words for you: SUCK IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Mar 6, 2010