Existential Crisis

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Areyan Areyan
2 Responses Aug 9, 2010

thanks, dakzer, this was what i hoped for. sorry you are going through this as well but it does help to feel like i'm not alone with these feelings.

Hello Arelya, That is such a beautiful name. Is it spanish? Anyways, sorry to hear your pain, and hope you are able to find your way soon. All it takes is a little bit of inspiration. Easier said than done your thinking. I constantly battle with trying not to be confrontational at work, because like you, I feel my whole belief system is not strong enough to withhold a pounding from getting involved in debates and oppinionated arguments. I am a male in there 36-40 age group, and am also experiencing a bout of what I call mid-life crisis. Where I feel that I don't have a life, nothing is going well for me, the scaffolding beneath my feet is crumbling. Then in despiration I booked myself onto a walking trip for the coming weekend in the lake district in the uk. Just that little bit of encouragement for myself, helps me to go on through the week. I couldn't bare another weekend just thinking about things. Depending on who you are, It makes a huge difference if you try and treat yourself well, and reward yourself from time to time, to affirm that you are making progress. So for me just for getting to the end of the week, I will treat myself to a social walking trip this sunday. Just by venting your feelings in this posting of yours will have hopefully given you a better perspective on what you are going through. And I am sure after reading a few of the replies here (hope mine is one of them), you will realise that you are not alone, and everybody feels this way at some point in their lives sooner or later. Please hold on, it will get better with time. Please also accept my request for friendship on this forum. Remember you are not alone. From a friend :)