I Am Confused..........

i have been in a relationship with a guy for more than 5 years, we both are planning to get married. In the starting of our relationship we were very close and passionate about each other. we made love once. he is very caring, loving and possessive about me. he is a perfect guy. he considers me as his wife.

The problem is with me. i am lost somewhere. we rarely meet each other since he is living in other city. he owns a business and mostly he is busy with it and rarely get time for me. i started feeling lonely. now a days i don't find myself passionate or even interested towards him. but am not able to leave him because i know that it will hurt him. he is mad about me.

One month back my friend introduced me to her friend. he is a married man having a small kid. but he has got separated from his wife (not legally divorced) due to some ego clashes and living alone. i am not sure about it, but he is telling like that. we are in contact with each other. he is saying that he loves me and he wants to get close to me both physically and mentally. at the same time he is not willing to make it public. he is possessive and caring about me, but i doubt whether he loves me. i have not told him about my boy friend because i don't want to loose him. he is saying that he will be with me till i get married to someone. we do have naughty talks over phone. but did not have any physical relation yet. i have started liking him and don't want to loose him but doubt whether he is using me. i am not able to take any strong decisions.

Please give me your valuable suggestions.
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2 Responses May 12, 2012

men will be men. he don't love you. its all about sex. Don't go with him and stop thinking about this guy. your boyfriend will really hurt coz of this. so advising you to stop all these nonsense and be happy with your boy friend.

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