I Love This Widow

I am too emotional and gets too much disturbed by listening and seeing there sufferings. My story starts from that point when my wife left me and went to live with her parents because she cannot live with my parents. Being the only son i have to look after my aging parents. My wife did not like that we are living with them. I compromised and had seen one house on rent, because i was too much disturbed and wanted to get rid of every personal problems. But one day after 2 months every thing changed. Being a businessman i use to come late night at home. One day at 11.00 pm while driving on highway, i had an accident. My car collided with full loaded truck. I had serious injuries and survived death. I got bed ridden. I have to shift back to my parental house. Because of this my wife was not happy. But anyways she was at home with me. One of my wife's friend use to come at home when she heard about my accident. She was only 25 years, having 2 children and widow. She was very poor. She use to talk with me when i was bed ridden. she use to tell me her sufferings. and use to tell me to not to get nervous and fight every odds in life. She use to come frequently and after some days we exchanged our mobile numbers. I was falling in love with her. When i got well, my wife left me and started to live with her parents with my 2 years old daughter. She was demanding to live separate once again. I did not like her attitude of betraying me in my odd time. So i was very emotionaly disturbed. I fall in love with her friend. Now i love her like anything, i look after her and her children. I didn't married her but we had relations as that of husband and wife. Now i love her , her 2 children and my own daughter. I want to do every thing for them. I love them very muc.
kalyan2009 kalyan2009
36-40, M
May 13, 2012