My Current Crush

I am got married in 1994. For 10 years it ran smoothly.After that the differances started to surface quick and fast. In between a lady came in touch with me.She is the wife of one of my friend.As he is a drunken man so he was not running the family the way he needed to. In between I started helping the family.As my friend was a drunken so he always beaten his wife.Abused whenever she refused to give him money to drink or asked him not to drink. As I was helping the family and listen to her sorrows which was given by my friend she gardually got engaged with me.I was feeling it but not reacting by thinking that may be it is my confusion.But a day came two years ago when she disclosed her feelings.I was surprised bot not shocked. As I also felt a sort of emotionla attachment towards her.I find that many things are common between us.Our conviction about most of the things were same.
But this relationship came in the knowledge of my wife.She has reacted bitterly.Asked me about the relationship.I have said the truth without any problem.
Now I have feel for that lady.And I want to make her my life partner.As the relationship between me and my wife is at lowest.And as have no emotions for my wife.So whenever she ask for sex I feel by doing sex I am cheating myself.
Sanjeevk Sanjeevk
41-45, M
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