Found Love On An Adult Website!

I'm 34 yrs old, been married for 10yrs going on husband and I have grown apart...and I no longer love him like I did when we got married. I put a profile on an adult friend finder site to just see what would happen...wasn't really looking for anything serious...but I have found the love of my life! He is 14yrs my senior and the most loving, caring, honest, humble man I have ever met! When I think of him I can't stop heart skips a beat everytime I hear his voice...he is also married....we both know that we will eventually leave our current relationships and be together but when is the question. That is the hard part!!! He lives about an hour away from me and he works a different shift than I do and it seems that we can only see each other on weekends. But even that is difficult because our schedules and spouses do interfere...has anyone had to deal with this?? How do you cope?? I love him with all my heart...and I'm not giving up on us...I just need to be able to deal with it a little better...
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This is like reading my own life story....

Just be patient and plan ahead ... you'll find the time! I've been having the same type of relationship for going on 4 months. We do not plan to leave our spouses since we both have children. But I love him so much. He's 8 years my senior. He's incredible. We also have difficulty finding time when we can be together, but we are patient and just work it out the best we can. Good luck! Be careful!!

phodi di teno lan mata, teri booond maran, Husband no chad ke tooon kisi aur noo lab di phirti ae.