My Hot Morning With Law Boy Makes My Knees Weak !

      On a sunny morning I awoke to hear someone knocking at the door. It is something that rarely happens, so I woke-up & went to answer the door. It was Law boy….he was about 4 hours early! I looked terrible: no make-up, night-shirt & messy hair. I hesitated & he explained he was on his way to court & had thought he would stop by after court, but had some free time now. I invited him in & as I walked down the hall, his hands ran over my *** & up my night-shirt to caress my bare ***. His hands were warm & soft and felt good touching me. We stopped in the bedroom & while I tried to look away. I was wearing my glasses & looked terrible!  As I walked away from him to put my glasses on the nightstand, he grabbed my hand & whirled me around & put my hand firmly on his VERY HARD ****.  I bit my lip a little & when his hand let go of mine, my hand proceeded to feel the length of his erect shaft & soon I was pulling off his tie, unzipping his pants & our lips touched for only a second…I looked into his eyes & then (as usual) my knees felt weak.

        He is WILDLY HOT & his sizeable **** doesn’t keep me from wanting him EVEN MORE than usual. My hand finally got to grab hold of his bare **** & I felt how rigid he was. “It’s been 3 days since I came last. Do you want it?” I grinned & laughed. I pulled off my night shirt & went & lay on the bed. His body pressed against mine & his skin was warm from being outside on a warm day, but today it just seemed to melt me in a way! I grabbed my (big) boobs & held them for him to enjoy. He buried his face in them & licked & sucked them. It felt so good. His lips moved to kiss mine & while we are usually quite rushed, today he took his time & gave me the attention he knows that I crave!

      I spread my legs a little bit & his swollen shaft moved right into place & nestled in between my now wet lips. He grabbed me & thrust into me in a single, swift move that made me gasp a little. I knew he would satisfy me, but for starting out he was hitting all the right places! “You have wanted to come give you some of this hard body, haven’t you?” I mumbled “yes” as I kissed his neck & shoulders continuously. The warmth of his body was making me hot (in a naughty way) & while he usually is looking out for primarily focused on his own pleasure, today he took time to thrust into my body in ways that he KNEW would excite me. 

      After thrusting into me & grinding his **** deep inside me many times, I was surprised to see him stop & tell me to climb on top of him.  I eagerly took him up on his offer & straddled his body until our hips were aligned. I lay down on top of him & pressed my breasts onto his chest.  He reached around & grabbed my *** & shifted my body to be in the perfect position for me to ride him. I intentionally moved forward & backward & side to side until I could feel his engorged head laying in-between the wet folds of my *****. I slid backwards & took his **** fully into me.

     I sat up straight & I could feel his **** buried deep inside of me now.  I was nervous to move at all. I was resting with my swollen **** pressed against his pubic bone & his head was inside me & pushing on my g-spot. I put my hands on his chest & he began twisting his fingers on my nipples. My mouth fell open & instead of the moans of me *******, I didn’t hear anything. I had literally become so aroused I was FROZEN.  My muscles had tightened extremely quickly & I couldn’t move at all.

         It felt so good that I just stayed on top of him with (likely) a strange look on my face! I attempted to move myself to ride him into ecstasy, but I was silently ******* & doing it so HARD I couldn’t really say anything to him. His warm hands moved to my hips & he pushed me away & pulled me toward him until all I could hear was the sloshing sound between our bodies. My ****** kept getting better & kept going without me moving at all... After about 5 minutes of doing this, I regained my composure & began to thrust myself forward & back on top of him. The next wave of orgasmic bliss washed over me. I found my ability to be vocal & was moaning & screaming “oh god…..!”repeatedly. After what seemed like forever he asked me “who is my naughty ****?” I blushed a bit & said “ME!” He placed his hands on my hips again & jerked me into heaven again & again until he said “Damn I needed this!” With that I could feel his **** exploding inside me. It was the first time we had both *** at the same time & it was incredible!  

          He looked at me & said “I may be back after court is over too!” I grinned! I slipped on his button-up shirt & walked into the bathroom with him. He got into the shower & I just watched & drooled over his HOT body while he cleaned-up. As he dried-off I slid his shirt off of my body and put it around his shoulders…..letting my hands linger on his body as long as possible. Our eyes locked & he looked at me & said “I’ll be back!” I cinched up his nice red plaid tie & pulled on it until he moved toward me & kissed me. “I like being your naughty **** you know….” I told him. He grinned & said “I know. I like it too!” and he reached out & pinched my nipple. I grinned.

      I walked him to the door & watched him leave. I knew it was all within our FWB agreement, but I would take him ANYTIME he wanted! I skipped back to bed & slept-off my “****** hangover” with his **** juice still deep inside me. I snuggled into the warm place in the bed where he had been before & fell fast asleep.

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Jul 31, 2012