Having Strong Feeling Towards A Girl

I've known this girl for about a year and started to develop a very strong feelings towards her, I'm very sure I've fallen in love with her, deeply ! Every day and night I can't help thinking of her, look at her pictures, anticipating her facebook updates, hoping to meet her, talk to her, etc...

My problem is, I'm not able to tell her and express my feelings, as I'm already married with 2 kids. Keeping this strong feeling but unable to express it to her or anyone else is really painful suffering and killing me.

I'm 43 and have been married for 15 years, with not much love in this marriage, I have to confess it was a mistake, but I'm still holding on to it for the sake of the children. My relationship with my wife is plain, though we don't argue or quarrel a lot, just because I'm a very patient person, I'll keep quiet most of the time when there's disagreement. We still make love occasionally but that's just an excuse in maintaining the marriage life, there really is no true love in it.

So when I met this girl, I knew she is the one that I'm looking for, my feeling towards her is something that I never had with my wife.

I'm not sure if she notice it, or even have any feelings towards me. I wish I could just tell her, but on the other hand I'm feeling guilty for my wife and the kids. So I'm really confused now, should I continue suffering inside with my current unhappy marriage for the sake of the family ? Or express my true feelings to this girl for the hope of a happier relationship, which in the process will certainly break my wife's heart....

Need help desperately ;-(
jeffneedshelp jeffneedshelp
41-45, M
Aug 21, 2012