It Never Ends

I thought that my story would give a special twist to this subject. I had a 6 year affair.
It was work related, My wife knew it was on and off and the final off was a suprise to her that it was even going on. First as a man my affair started out of what I thought I was entitled to do it.
I had tried so many things to let my wife know, but I never really said you know I am going elsewhere. When you do something wrong you will shorly convice yourself that you were entitled or blame somthing or someone else. Enough of the preaching it is 10 years since this ended. We stayed together but a week does not go by where maybe a tv program , movie or a life event does not open the wound and the wife spews a sarcastic remark
So if you enter into an affair remember they never really end they are like a cancer that shows up from time to time.
Recongnize your limitations and live within them, and if it is that bad pay for what you want with a divorce. Me I consider being able to have an affair a defect much like an alcholic one taste and it is started all over again. Can I have another drink sure, but I stay out of the bars now.
A classic line from the Movie Unfaithful- They all end miserably.
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Thanks for your story. I am in an affair for the last 5 1/2 years and my marriage has gone through it's ups and downs, my affair has gone through it's highs and lows... it's so much work, not to mention all the day to day stuff with work and kids...
I read a lot about the subject and I know that what we experience as "defected"(your term) married people, is normal but against the rules we have accepted (have we really?). Can one person love more than one? I'm sure, in different ways yes. Is it cancer? Only if you let it be. It's complicated and time consuming, for sure, but if life throws you this curveball, there are many ways to GROW from this experience, and not live the rest of your life feeling you regret it ever happened. That's just how I feel. What do you think?

If the rule you follow brought you to this what use was the rule
"No Country For Old Men. I know-ling entered into the affair and don't regret i did it until the reality of the damage I did or an interesting point many of a thing I should have done and now with the kids young men I know better how wrong I was. good luck

I agree with you and alot of my words ie. cancer. or terms are meant to be mind grabbing. I have grown and learned, and again I am always vulnerable to straying that I admit, the learning keeps me straight, and I am getting to old for this type of lifestyle. . Contact me anytim.e

I regret it happened but it was a necessity