Having An Affair With My Best Friend...

Im happily married to a wonderful man and have 2 beautiful children. I love my husband, my family and the life we share, and have no desire for it to change...
but.....I have a very good single male friend, my best friend, we met at work years ago just after i started dating my husband. I always thought he was a good looking guy, but it never crossed my mind. Weve been friends for many years now, we dont work together anymore. Our friendship is very open, over the years hes become good friends with my husband too. my kids love him, hes like a member of the family. And all was fine until we'd had a couple of glasses of wine one night(my husband was at work, he works away from home 4 days a week) and we kissed. It was the most natural thing in the world. I stopped it though, we agreed it was just a stupid thing fuelled by the wine and to forget about it. But it hasnt turned out that way, I have been going to his house one day a week and, lets just say, it hasnt stopped at kissing. Wow!!! But its not just about sex( I have a good sex life with my husband too), this man understands me, he completely gets me, hears what i say and this extra dimension to our 'friendship' just feels so right. As i say i have no intention of breaking up my family. My friend knows this and he says its better to have a little part of me than not at all. He doesnt want to hurt my husband or children either.
I know im being very selfish, and for that i feel guilty, but I am also happy. I feel more fulfilled than i ever have.
And whats the point of having cake if you cant eat it?
Are affairs really such a bad thing? Or are they only bad when you get found out?
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Its ur life n u r not going to get second one, everybody has own priorities just sit n think what do u want of it, else it will be very difficult when things will get out of the hand thats what I think, by the way nice story.

Sound good and sure thing, but affairs rarely work out as you want them.

Secondly how would you feel if you find out your husband has been having an affair ? would that not just rock your marriage ? How different is what you're doing ?

It is your life live it, affairs are usually only bad when one gets caught. Nobody on here can tell you what to do or feel, if this makes you happy and make you feel more complete then so be it. Be careful DO NOT get caught or else everything changes. Best of luck