Me N My Love

Hi friends ....before i start my story i will like to say abt my past....i was in a fair with someone to whom i love like for family reason we both stop our love...aur i can say when he sifted to delhi i have stop everything coz i came to know tat he was in Fair with someone...after some day i was eanged with someone who have loved me in firstsite....n got married...aftersome weeks i realised tat my husband want a doll who can speak n walk in his language....i was very upset coz my father had spent all
his money on my marriage..n now
pucchu pucchu
1 Response Jan 21, 2013

I guess your your marriage is some thing which you didn't decided because it was arranged.

So I would like to tell you, is you have to carry on your marriage as long as possible. This suggestion of mine might not seem logical to you. Just for a simple reason you might think
I am not in your situation.

I may try to give a simple suggestion that you develop some kind of hobby and a schedule to keep your self busy in yourself.................And whenever your spouse wants to spend time with you, go with him even if its a social gathering or eating outside food or whatever.

with regards
(not my true name)