I have been married for about 10 years now. If I remember it now, I was never really keen in getting married but I got married to the girl I was dating for 2 years. We tried having children but she was not able to conceive but that was never really a problem.

I also had a best friend whom I was really close to since 10 years. I actually shared almost everything with her and we were really close. She had a boyfriend but she always told me that she was in the relationship because he happened to be there for her when she needed her.

I never really had that sort of feeling for my friend but 3 years back we sort of met on a lunch and I felt something for her. Since I told her everything, I told about the feeling to her thinking she would laugh it away. But to my surprise she said she always had the feeling for me since the time we met but never really told me. That sort of made it a bit uncomfortable for me in the beginning. But we slowly started meeting up more and more and then we got really intimate after sometime. She knows I am married and she also broke up with her boyfriend. She was also close to my wife and has always been there when she needed her.

Now, after 2 years, she says she can't leave me and I can't leave my wife because I am married to her and I can't just leave her. I want to leave the fried but she says she can't live without me.

And now I am in a lot of stress which is having an effect on my professional career and have made mistakes in my work which is not going on well with my boss.

I can't share about all this with anyone either since I created this mess for myself but unknowingly and I really don't know what to do.
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