What Really Matters X

Last april i found a lump in my neck, was told for six months it was nothing to worry about. Untill i became really poorly, to cut a long story short i have had so many scans , blood tests ,asparatins 2 operations on my neck which has left me no thyroid .I have had 1 hit of radio therapy so far . AND PRAY I DONT HAVE TO HAVE ANY MORE.Its my two girls Cora and Holly im more worried about ,they have had a year of going thruough this with me bless them. As far as the are concernedits all over now .And if i do have to go back for more treatment then Mummy will just be going on holiday. This is the first time i have talked about this really. It would be good to hear from someone who has or is going through the same.

I go back in March to find out if if there are any cancer cells in my body.

the saying go's what dose'nt kill you makes you stronger ,and that is so true my out look on life has changed ten fold, it makes you see what and who really matters .,

thanks for reading this guys, wish you all well em x

Jan 15, 2009