Taken For A Ride! Marry Go Round...................im Sick I Want To Get Off!

I am completely and utterly devistated and confused as to why people use and abuse people intentionally. I have come to the conclusion after 18 yrs with this man abusing me emotionally and constantly cheating that I am done and worth so much more than this. The constant liying after caught saying ill never do it again i love you and dont leave i cant live without you, hounding me for my attention, yet keeping the bimbos on the side (so the wife is supposed to stay home and keep the household running? What about my needs? Why do I have to share? I got married so that I dont have to share. The saddest part is the majority of the people he has slept with know he is married) Then he has started praising the loose women as if they are the ones put on the pedistal, What happened to the wife being the one and only no one and nothing comes before family? Though I do not condone anyone taking a life I can see that toying with emotions especially love can get someone hurt physically, because you can only take so much!!!!!! I THANK GOD I AM SCARED OF PRISON! AND THAT GOD HAS STEPPED IN MY WAY TO REMIND ME THAT HE HAS GREATER FOR ME!!! Why does this happen to good people? I am kind, considerate, caring, trust worthy, loyal, faithful, and try not to lie why do I have to be punished for being a decent person???????????????????? This is so not fair?????? I knew for a while that the marriage was over I just had to let go of the (idea) he was a husband, you cannot make someone live up to your exspectations especially if the idea is yours not theirs. One day he will reap what he sews! Bless the Lord I to hope to reap what I have and still try to sew. I have to obtain work again and get back on my feet because now he is holding money over me and I need a full release to heal and hopefully find someone right for me!
patjbgfb patjbgfb
41-45, F
Dec 12, 2012