Very Frustrated

Strarted about 10 years ago I am 46 now have all the signs of menopause. At 36 I hurt my back ended up having many many surgeries finally had a pain pump put in my spine which was great for pain but had all these side effects one which was my period just stopped. I changed alot after this change in my life didnt have much gumption for life anymore. I used to be an afeectionate loving person towards my husband but not anymore. Well he ended up hurting his back we have both been on disability and are here together all the time its making me crazy, hes not a bad guy would do anything I ask but I dont feel the same about him and Im not sure if its the menopause or being together all the time. Somedays I feel like Im closterphobic, and need to crawl out of my skin. I get these hot flashes that are hell looks like Im always getting out of shower because my hair is soaked hard to be out and have a good time. My husband listen but doesnt say much. He never argues or fights and sometimes I think we should ,everything stays inside but how do you argue alone. I also now take alot of pain meds that makes it hard for me to figure out if this is menopause or meds or me just being tired of my husband. My mom says its menopause all these messed up feelings. Sometimes I have this terrible rage and I could kill someone then itll change and I want to gom out and have sex with a stranger but thats all my emotions are all over the place. I hate being a woman alot men have it so much easier. Would like to hear about other womens stories. Hope this makes sense because my mind is all over the place.
curlytop44 curlytop44
46-50, F
Jul 16, 2010