There Has Got To Be A Cure For This!

Hot Flashes, Confusion, Memory Loss, Anger, Depression, Nausea, Crying, Insomnia, Introvert, Blubber Belly, Mood Swings, Who will you be tomorrow yourself of one of the many new people you've become?

There should be special medical coverage and special time-off from work with all of this going on.

It's too much to bear and what do we do as women, we pretend that we're fine, we're handling it just fine. See, I'm smiling and doing everything that I normally do!

Just please don't really show any concern. You would'nt know what hit you!


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I am so scared of what is to come I am 49 and hearing horror stories. My Mom's response to my question - what should I expect? Hold on girls here it is - Mom's words of wisdom her real answer and she was being literal. Oh, honey, it was a hot flash and a mood swing on weekend as I remember.... Honey, you know your Father would not put up with much more than that. WTF???? Thnx 4 the help Mom!!!!!!!!!

honey, I suffer from depression and always have, it's a kind of depression called melancholic depression. So I've been on anti-depressants for years, and I just don't want you to be afraid of them. I don't think I am suffering as much as you all from the menopause (womenopause, my friends said the other day), and it's probably because I am already on anti-depressants. I know it's a little difficult to get off them, you have to go slowly, but I think compared to what you are describing, it's worth it. I mean, I don't have to go off them, what do I know. People think of anti-depressants as some kind of moral failure, and it's not it at all. It's just chemistry. Also, I kind of cured my hot flashes by eating less carbs, it seems the carbs turn into sugar in your blood two or three hours after eating them. But another friend said she gets hot flashes when she gets angry, so it's pretty complex. Lifelongstudent, you sound like you have such a good attitude. From my own experience, I suffered a great deal in silence before going on anti-depressants, and from my perspective now, I just feel I lost all those years. I know it's not the same, but just don't suffer needlessly, eh?

OMG-- lately I am having a bad time with it as well!
For the past two years, I've mostly been dealing with night sweats and having a difficult time losing weight, which, well, I guess I can live with the extra pudge, then last month I had my first taste of the anxiety and nausea, and the weirdest feeling, like I was on some drugs or something that made me lightheaded so I went to the ER thinking I might be having a thyroid storm--but blood tests were negative, in fact, my thyroid levels were fine. (I had irregular thyroid levels during and after the birth of my last 2 kids 4 years ago and I have some nodes on my thyroid which are being monitored). A week later, the same feelings came back, but there was numbness down my left arm, so again I went to the ER believing this time I was having a heart attack and so I spent the night in the cardiac unit, and had a whole bunch of tests that turned up negative (thankfully) for any heart troubles. The cardiac doctor tells me to see my PCP.
My PCP can't see me for another month and I'm not really sure what she can do for me. I am not a good candidate for HRT as there is a history of blood clots in my family and I have never taken the Pill because of it. So I saw my chiropractor to help with the numbness in my arm and that helped. My chiropractor also has an energy healer working in his office, so I booked an appointment for craniosacral therapy, which gave me a big boost in energy and I felt a lot better than I had in a while. This lady was really good-- before we even got to work, she asked if I was having problems with perimenopause! I plan to see her again soon, but since insurance doesn't cover her therapy, I'll have to wait until my budget will allow another appointment. This was 4 weeks ago.
And then yesterday I had another bout of the anxiety, but it wasn't so scary this time since my arm and chest didn't hurt now that the chiropractor has worked out the kinks. But I really hate that feeling of dread--like the world is going to end tomorrow or that I only have a short time to live or just that something terrible is about to happen. And I know the anxiety is just hormonal and I tell myself everything is going to be fine but the mind-over-matter stuff doesn't apply here, I guess. So, as it happened after dinner time, I let my husband put the kids to bed and I went to bed too. And hot flashed all night.
This morning and all day I've been dealing with the nausea and 'out-of-it' feeling and I want to cry! (and I have been weepy on and off but I don't want to scare my kids, so I keep it to myself) It was so bad by late afternoon that I made dinner and kept it warm so my husband could feed the kids and I wouldn't wretch at the table.
I have no one really to talk to about this-- my neighbor went though menopause like 30 years ago and doesn't remember much of it. My mom had a total hysterectomy-ovaries and all--and claims she never went through any of the symptoms though I can remember her being a mega-***** for a few years. But she doesn't recall that. (LOL)
I talked with the crossing guard on the way to school this morning and she said she didn't have it too bad and didn't do the HRT. (I'm laughing at myself because I'm feeling desperate enough to ask ANYONE about their experience with menopause!)

I must say, I feel like watching "Fried Green Tomatoes" just to see Evelyn Couch (Kathy Bates) talking with Ninny Threadgoode (Jessica Tandy) as they talk about "going through the Change". Maybe it will make me feel a little better.

How are you doing? I am going thru this now. Emotional stuff is hardest on top of fatigue/no energy. I don't know now if it's the depression that is causing my fatigue or menopause now. I just wish this was over. I want someone to tell me that you only have 6 months to go. Not this that every women is diffierent blah blah blah! I wish someone who went thru this just mention that emotion lasted this long and hot flashes lasted this long, so I have some idea. I feel so lost in a deep forest. I would walk and see a woman who looked liked she went thru menopause and just want to go up to her and ask her how she survived. Good luck to you!

Well, I'm still struggling with fatigue and the freaked out feelings-- they seem to go together hand in hand, as in the less sleep I get, the worse the anxiety. And the anxiety seems to rise most often in the late afternoon. But exercise seems to help, like yesterday, I was running on about 5 hours of sleep and fully expecting that by late afternoon I would start feeling anxious and tense, but I went out for a short walk with my husband and kids and the anxiety never happened, although today is a different story altogether as one of my kids was up in the middle of the night with a fever and I had to take several naps today and I'm struggling right now not to freak out. Meditation has helped a little but it is so difficult to concentrate long enough (!!!) so I'm focusing on the breathing part.
I have only had the one craniosacral treatment so far, and this week I have an appt for a massage by the same woman. The last session with her did help for a while, so I am looking forward to more of this energy healing therapy.

I, too, wish all these feelings and stuff wold be over in like 6 months! And I'm scared that it might last for a decade. But I have been taking comfort in meeting other women (the crossing guard, the cashier at the gas station up the street) who are either going through this now or who are post-menopausal who are willing to discuss their symptoms and cures/strategy's to deal with the symptoms. Sometimes all it takes is a few friendly exchanges in passing before you have the nerve to ask if they are going through "The Change" and so far, my experience has been that women DO want to share their experience with another woman. They, too, have felt alone with their symptoms, so don't be afraid to ask a stranger, you might find a new friend to commiserate!! So far, we all agree the worst of it is the anxiety and the mood swings. Very scary stuff!
Did you know, menopause is the prime reason women have been labeled "hysterical"? The root "hyster" comes from the Latin meaning uterus, nd hysterical literally means "of the uterus". Of course, I prefer the other reason why women get so crazy--it's because of men. MENstruation, MENopause--it's enough to make anyone MENtally unstable!
We will survive this, and be better for it. I'm learning to have more patience with myself.
Good luck to you, too, Iamwithyou. You are not alone. You can always contact me :-)

Thank you! Today is a bad day for me. Been in bed all day not wanting to do anything:(. Really emotional/depressed with no reason except what my mind creates. I feel like I am a completely different person than who I was before. I have no enjoyment in life now. Constant battle to keep my sadness in check. Want to kick myself because I have no real problem (like job loss, family issue) to worry about. That's why I want to kick myself in the butt. I should be grateful but instead I am so sad about epwhat I should've done differently. I am seeing a therapist because I heard cognitive behav therapy is up pose to be good. Taking all the vitamin and supplement I read you should take. I even started on bio identical hormones about 3 weeks ago but nothing yet. I am desperate. I started st. Johns wort 3 days ago and it made me less weepy but my sadness is still there. I wanted to try this because of less side effect and I heard it was #1 inGermany for depression and its natural supplement. If this doesn't work, I have to go on anti-depressant. I am so tired of faking it for my kids and hubby. Thank you for replying and keep us hormone sensitive women updated.

Omg,your story was very special, im going through sadness, an maybe I feel sorry for myself, I was thinking of antidepressants, but I don't no what to do, no one to talk to, they just don't understand

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I had no clue it could be this bad! Your mother warns you but there's no preparing for this! I feel like I'm mad at the world I don't like anyone I cry all the time I don't sleep eat right ect...I tried hormones they gave me diarrhea I've tried natural sources they don't work! I almost made it a year without my period guess what I started now its another year of this madness! The icing on the cake my life is exploding before my eyes! Outside of menopause...vertigo from an infection in my ears nose and throat, my sisters suicide my mother was diagnosed with stage4 lung cancer she's got less than 6 months to live, last but not least my stalker! What the hell do I do with this? My positive thought process is fading fast but I continue to fight back in the end I guess that's all I can do!

Hugs to you. So sorry for all the trauma.

hi just want u to know i feel so much the same i started the menopause after only having 3 periods in a year first thing i had was a dreadful itching then awful insomia with anxiety i was put on hrt and anti anxiety drugs i felt better after about 3 months that was 3 years ago got off the anti anxiety pills sleep was normal thought i would try to take 1 hrt a week off well last month the insomia anxiety came back so back on pills again took a month to feeling better hopefully i will get back to feeling myself it is awful so my heart goes out to u but sites like this really help me to know that we are not alone in all this all the friends i know have sailed through it so dont really understand but saying that i have people praying 4 me as well my faith also has helped

Hi, you sound really frustrated, and I really relate. I have all these symptoms and severely poor sleep. I do take a herbal supplement that helps my mind, and I recommend you try some herbal supplements, like Black Cohosh or something. I think different things work for different people, so just keep trying different stuff, if you have money. Good luck, and have faith.

this is what has happened to me ....<br />
Insomnia, <br />
Blubber Belly,<br />
migraines,<br />
feeling off, not quit well,<br />
gained weight, <br />
developed severe allergies,<br />
food doesn't taste the same,<br />
losing my beauty <br />
developed severe itchey skin

iv been doing streaching and leg lifts, which seems to have helped shrink my belly some,