Bio Identical Hormones

I just wanted to share that I am have very good luck with Bio Identical Hormones. I tried a few different HRT's that my OB and PCP prescribed but I kept having allergic reactions and couldn't take them. I also gained 70 pounds in a year and a half with exercising regularly and eating healthy and nothing was taking it off.

I really like that I did mouth swabs to check my levels throughout the day and the pharmacy compounded something organic to meet my exact needs. The hot flashes are almost nonexistent, I've only been back to the Dr. once since I started and I didn't lose any weight but for the first time since surgery I didn't gain any either. I also went on a cruise during that time and came back with Bronchitis so my eating and exercise habits that month were not great.

It's something that is definitely worth checking in to.
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2 Responses Nov 26, 2012

My husband may beg to differ but I don't think the mood swings have been terrible. Maybe I'm a little biased but even without any kind of hormones I wasn't going from 0 to 60. Hot flashes do make me overly irritable while I'm having them and that has not changed with the Bio Identical hormones. I'm having fewer hot flashes now though so it's been a big improvement on that.

I was more down in the dumps than I realized. It seemed so hopeless and there has been a huge improvement on that feeling since starting the Bio Identical hormones.

Did it help with mood swings? Depression? Thanks for your input.