Menopause At 49

For so many years I lived a carefree live, then around 48 I started to get hot flashes anxiety vaginal dryness, my period was sporadic. I was going through menopause hell, I tried everything and nothing worked. MY Doctor said I just had to go with it, since he didn't have to wake up in a pool of sweat every night. I searched online for an answer to my misery and lo and behold, I found it on a site called Radiant Wonder, it a Chinese herb company... Much more than that, I called their number and this wonderful woman answered, she was an herbalist and spoke to me for about an hour, answering all my questions, gave me advice. Made product suggestions but I was under no obligation to buy anything, I went ahead and ordered what she recommended figured what do I have to lose but a few dollars.
It turned out to be the best investment, I've ever made not only did my hot flashes subside, I haven't had this much energy since I was in High school. If you are experiencing any symptoms and feel like you are the only one out there going through this, don't you are not alone! Please consider a holistic approach, relax and eat healthy. Just wanted to share this with any women out there experiencing this. God bless...
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Hi Menopasual, I live in Japan, and the doctor prescribes the Chinese medicine. I don't recommend trying to get it any other way. I recommend you try black cohosh, or evening primrose oil, which I think you can get at your drugstore. Or on-line easily, I have heard of a website called iHerbs.
Here is a website with some info
I just found it on the web right now. I think you should be careful about whether you have a condition of estrogen dominance. If so, you don't want to take estrogens. You can look up estrogen dominance on the web, but basically, if your periods are heavy and coming closer together, it's probably the case.
Good luck!

thanks i need some where can i get it?

Go to Radiant Wonders website, call them and try to speak with Amanda tell her Danelle sent you. She is a wonderful lady. I was on Super Nourishing, Ultra Nourishing and Jing POwer but each person is different.
Good luck!

Hi Dantelle,
Thanks for posting your story! I too take Chinese herbs and they really balance my mood. I am 48, and I have hot flashes, and my periods are starting to change. My friend just ordered me a tea made in Austria. These things really can help, and I hope everyone who is suffering through this difficult time of life tries different things, like herbs etc. good diet. Although it is difficult (now, really: I just started with ezcema!), I also think it is a real learning time, at least for me. Learning to be happy within limits, maybe? Anyway, good luck to everybody, and thanks again Dantelle.

thanks i shall keep this in mind :-)