Menopause Confusion

I'm 51 in a few days and I have missed two periods during that time my tummy has expanded and is really solid is this the so called belly fat we women get.
ruth51 ruth51
2 Responses Jan 17, 2013

Hi Ruth,
I'm 50 and started peri 2 years ago. I have not had any periods in the last 10 months (which is very convenient, I do like that side of THE change). Our metabolism decreases not only with the hormonal change but also as we age. The little belly fat I have was not developed the last year, I have had it for a while....I'm changing slowly my eating habits, not overeating and watching out what I eat--nutrition wise. This helps a lot. I only take 1 coffee a day (morning, with my breakfast). I don't drink sodas nor boxed juices (only fresh made when my husband prepares them). I eat as much fiber as I can. But I also indulge in my favorite meals.
I try to do some activity every day (walking, walking the dogs, swimming in the summer....). Any movement you put your body through works.
The bad part: my libido is gone, and I feel terrible for my husband--who awaits patiently for my "return" to that area.

I know about the belly fat, I started exercising regularly and it has certainly helped. Nothing excessive, consistency is the key.