Have I Crossed Over

As in another group story (am I premenopausal) I would like to know when you go from pre to the real thing.

I'm 47 and for the past 10 years have experienced all symptoms and for longer time periods.

The night sweats and the being hot all the time is the worst for me right now.  Standing in line and the store and suddenly feeling that hot rush on my neck and face and then begin to drip with sweat is no fun.

I have however learned to use it to my advantage.  How you may ask.

The store Linens and Things is going out of business in town.  I went and purchased an Elvis clock for $6.00.  I was very excited.  Got home, put batteries in and it would not keep time.

Went back to the store two days later and informed the clerk that I had spoken to a manager the day I purchased and discovered it wasn't working.  Another clerk was standing by and explained she remembered my call. 

Well wouldn't you know the manager I talked with was not working that day.  The clerk that was helping me called the on duty manager and told him what the problem was.  He informed her that all sales were finale and that there was nothing he could do because there were no more of the clocks in the store.

Here is where the story gets good.  I very nicely looked her in the eye and told her he was incorrect.  On the day I purchased my clock there were four more on the shelf.  I told her to call the manager to the front and while I went to fetch the other clocks.  Let's be real the likelihood of the other four being gone were not likely.  And I was right.  There were three left on the shelf.

I took all three back to the counter up front where the clerk and manager were waiting for me.  Again he says store policy is to not do any returns or refunds.  I explained I did not want a refund but a replacement for one that actually worked.

He tried again with the store policy speech and I suddenly began to have a hot flash at that very moment.  As my face began to turn red and pop out with sweat I looked him square in the eye and said

 I do not care about your store policy.  My clock does not work and there are three more here.  I want a clock that works.  I am not happy and I am menapsuseal get some batteries and find me a clock that works or you will not be happy either.

5 mintues later I walked out with an Elvis clock that works and is now sitting on my entertainment center.

If I have got to go through this "change of life" then I might as well have some fun with it.

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Oh my, I hate to say what I might have done! I bet you my husband could tell you though! I must say, you handled that quite well! No, I have done this one before, going into a store and not getting what I paid for, Oh I have not been nice, but very assertive and later wished I could handle things in a nicer way. So the rush for help to get the emotions/rage under control has been on! Ashwagandha helps to make one more peaceful, just a sense of well being. <br />
No, I do not presently have ANY. But planning to find some SOON

Assertive and menopausal: go, girl!!! :))

good to hear there is a postive to flushes:)

I love this...amazing how hormones are so scary to men!...my aunt calls hot flashes "power surges"....what you described seems to fit!...SSS