It's Called "Menopause", But It Can Feel Like "Mental Pause"

Like so many of the vestiges of having breast cancer and going through treatment, I am a bit angry about my menopause.

I am 46, so it isn't that I never considered the possibility of menopause, but I thought it would come later not suddenly as I was dealing with my cancer.

I now find that with the hot flashes, and the difficulty I have in losing weight, I suddenly get what my mom was going through when I was in college.  I suddenly understand why she would get so sweaty and be so tired at night.

I understand more of the reason that she was prone to depression.  Of course these memories of my mother are bittersweet since they cannot be shared...she has Alzheimers disease.

I am past the largest part of my anger regarding menopause.  It isn't as though I have found a bright side.  My doctor's tell me it isn't officially menopause until you have gone a year without a period.  OK so it will be official in September.

I suppose my experience with menopause, at least arriving at this stage, is atypical from the natural route since my menopause was chemically induced, but I am sure that the hot flashes and metabolic changes are just the same as women who arrived here the traditional way.

I guess materially I am the same gal, but not having the estrogen does make me feel less sexual and desirable....I look at women younger than me and see a time gone past.

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hi im 29 from the UK I have been having hot sweats on and off for a year, im thinking maybe menopause ? im at the Dr on Monday about a different matter but im going to drop it into the conversation and see what he says. Apart from the sweats I never no what mood im going to wake up in, i have no motivation and my periods are all over, i also suffer with PCOS Life is cr@p at this moment in time!

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Well I guess because I am self employed my job is not so much in danger....regarding the rest, well it seems that when I was probably at the peak of my mental anguish my father was diagnosed with stage four oral cancer. I diverted my attention to him. I did not focus on me. Now it is five years later and I don't know if I have stabilized or what...but I feel like I have found the new normal.

hi menopause<br />
I'm also in the boat of hell. I did finally give in to HRT.For a while it helped with the mental and emotional But it didn't last. Ended up on antidepressaants. They saved me.I'm still on HRT.and am petrified to give them up. NO sweats or hot flashes. Moods are alot better. Get your dr. to check your thyroid, mine was low and needed meds. What a fabulous life menopause leaves you with.

I lost my mind, my memory and nearly my job....mental pause, it was (is) for me. Progesterone cream cured that. Try it, ladies. It works.

i do like the old saying that every year we age so do the rest

hello, menopause is something you have to costantly battle but it will end. i'm going through it now, it's hard. i lost my son 3yrs. ago, we have no granchildren and i think menopause is making life worse, in fact i KNow it is!

So sorry!!!! My heart goes out to you. I know this post is old but I wanted to offer my sympathy.

I AM GOING THRU MENOPAUSE NOW!!! So far I don't know who I am anymore, I've lost my husband after 19 yrs., I don't want to work any more but have to, am living with my daughter (no pride left), can't take any HRT because my mom had cancer, and GAWD I just can't wait to see what else goes with it!!! But hey sweetie, you may be having it a little earlier than you expected, but maybe you'll get over it earlier too (meant to cheer you a little). I'd love for you to join my circle of friends so I think I'll get you in my circle.