Navy Fiance, Missing Her Soldier

Hi, I am a Navy Fiance. My man has been in the Navy for about 5 years now. We have known each other for about 7 years, and have been dating for about 1 year. He was recently told he was automatically volunteered for a year long deployment. It was extremely sudden and quite shocking for us both, considering he has just changed commands. We have always been a long distance relationship because I am in school getting my bachelors degree in a different state and he is stationed in another. So we definitely understand how hard distance proves itself. I am extremely scared and dreading him leaving, which is scheduled at the end of the month. We were always lucky because although he was in another state, we would visit each other back and fourth as much as we could, the longest we were away from one another was about 4-5 months and the fact that it will be a year is scary. I realize that some soldiers and their families maybe experience much worse conditions and a year would be nothing to them, but to me it is everything. So I decided to look out for support online. I was going to join Navy for wives, but some navy wives on that site get angry if you aren't a wife and join even if you are engaged, along with Navy for i found this and maybe someone out there will read this and need the same support and encouragement from another who really understands the waiting and the worrying. Just keep telling myself love can handle anything, and what is meant to be will be, And like we always tell each other distance just doesn't matter:)
USNinlove USNinlove
18-21, F
Aug 10, 2010