I Don't Know What To Do...

My soldier is gone since 4 months now. The first few weeks after he left were very hard for me. Then it got better. But now since some weeks i feel like i am at the beginning again. I dnt know what to do anymore. I just feel so empty, unhappy and dependent I've never been and felt before. I just realize how much i need him in my life and that life without him sucks so bad. But what can I do about it? He wont be here for over 10 months. I never thought this would be so tough and it would be so hard for me to deal with it. But i want to be able to go through this deployment with him but i just dnt know how. I read many stories about you ladies and how you deal with it and it just seems that you guys can handle it so much better than me and seem to be so much stronger. I want to support my soldier like that too and i finally want to feel better and happier again.
Any advices?
Thank you so much ladies!

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Thanks girl!

This deployment is gonne be very hard, and i'm not going to lie, but it's also going to test everything y'all have for each other. It's either gonna tear ya'll down, or build ya'll up. Just rememeber, it's not only hard for you it's also just as hard for him. Us girls have a very special relationship with these military men, and our men are very special to us. He is counting on you to make it through this with him. Don't give up on him when he defiantly needs you the most. Stay strong and proud. He'll be back, for you.

Thank you for your words! Yeah, I will just try my best to keep myself busy. I hope time will fly by. Anyway I'm very very proud of him!