Boyfriend In Afghanistan Dont Think He Come Home Alive !!!!!!!!

I know this is his first deployment and everything and I know its hard .I have not seen my boyfriend in a year because he was station out of the united states and would be to much money to see each other .While he was station and stuff he use to have those mood swings and be like oh you should find someone else or your better off without me and he even told me one time he try to hock me up with his friend .I know we love each other because he wants to get engaged when he comes home.We did break up and now back together he broke up with me because we where fighting and it was because how he was acting .Now we are together we don't fight anymore and our relationship more healthier .Before the deployment he was distance from me and then things got better.He is over Afghanistan for 8 months and he only been over there for a month .He send me a message today saying how he wish I had a better boyfriend and today he said he don't think he come home alive
kellner27 kellner27
18-21, F
Feb 24, 2012