I Don't Know What To Say To Him Anymore

My boyfriend has been in Afghanistan since January. He's had to relocate 3 times -- I don't understand why he can't just stay in the same place! Well, the first place was tore down recently, so that makes sense. He was nervous about the traveling part to the new place, which is where he is now. His whole platoon made it there safely. The place he is at now is very large and all of his buddies are with him. Now, they are telling him he has to go to yet another place, a smaller FOB, and only HE is going -- no one else. WHAT? I don't understand why just him! I just feel bad because I really feel like he is not one of the stronger ones (mentally) over there...I know that sounds insensitive or mean, but it's true. He said he is going crazy. He told me in a Facebook chat earlier today: "Well, looks like I won't make it home. I'm just gonna die here. Might as well start looking for another boyfriend." I don't know what to say to that anymore. He is not mentally stable and I can already tell that the effects of seeing combat and living in fear are affecting his mental state so much. I am staying positive and optimistic for him, and I keep saying "You will be okay! I'm here for you every step of the way. You're almost home, babe." But none of that is working. He just is super short and gets off Facebook without even a goodbye. I know he is so stressed. I just don't know what to say anymore.
addalee addalee
May 6, 2012