Going Through My First Deployment

I havent been daten my guy for that long but it seems like forever to me tho! he just left the other day this aint his 1st Deployment but it is mine with him i find myself always thinking about him and worring is it just me! past few days i couldnt sleep and crying is it always going to get like this???? i dont have nobody to talk to about any of this and none of my friends no what im going thro!!!!! i felt a little better last night when i checked my e-mail and there was something from him it made me smile!!!!
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I am a soldier and I have been deployed so here's something from the other side of the coin...... he is missing you just as much as you miss him try to keep a positive attitude especially when you talk to him ( if you're worried he will be and he doesn't need that distraction ) things get better you miss each other the whole time but it lightens up some later in the deployment

Im going to lighten this up with some positive feedback.. IT WILL GET EASIER he just left youre still in shock and youre not used to how communication will be for him there. As soon as hes settled there gets used to the time difference and you get used to the communication it will get easier I was used tot alking to my bf alot before he left and now I barely can but it doesnt feel like that because everytime he calls It means so much and I appreciate it so much you start looking forward to the little things. You have to keep youre head up worrying and being upset wont get you anywhere yeah sure there are days when im completely down and were all allowed those But when people told me it will never get easier I just took it as wow thats reassuring so I made light of my situation and its helped me through and I hope it helps you too!!!

I went throw the same thing when he first got over there .Just worrying makes thing worst .Talk to a counsler that help me alot .But try to keep strong I know its hard but it will work out .Try to relized if its meant to happend he will come home safe .I hope he dose for your sake .But you know there a lot of solider out there and not only that but its more likly he get hit by a car then shot or something over there .Pluse things are not as bad as it use to be over there .Im not saying there no dangoure over there but thats everywhere to be honest even in the united states .Write him tonds of letter becuase that seem to help with me .Even though my bf dont write back I wirte to him all the time .If you want to talk hit me up

I've been there girl! & Honestly it doesn't get easier you just have to keep faith! If you need someone to talk to i'm always here cuz I know what your going through! Try keeping yourself very busy. It helps alot!