Missed Calls

Today I missed the second call in two weeks from my man. I can't stand it. It's not just that I don't get to talk to him, but lord only knows what he is thinking. He hasn't been able to communicate in over a week and the first chance he gets to call both his mother and myself (I talked to her she missed his call as well), he get voicemail. The poor guy sounded like he needed a comforting voice, and I feel like I failed him because Its my job to be that for him and I wasn't today. Does anyone else feel like that?
Panthergirl88 Panthergirl88
22-25, F
2 Responses Jul 6, 2012

i did missed a call from my Love.....he got sad...for many days....((((((

Oh no! Isn't it the worst feeling ever. I hate that anyone has to go through that- I'm sorry. I hope he is able to reach you next time

try not to feel that badly if hes anything like me he will understand that u arent purposely dodging his calls just call him once or twice even up the calls :)

He is in afghanistan- it is impossible for me to call him. Until he returns it's just waiting for him to call when can. I picked up the last one and was able totalk to him for a long while.