This is my first deployment. I am in Afghanistan and I miss my wife so much. I am worried that when I get home I will be changed and she won't like the new person I have become. Can any one give me some advise.
Bretley Bretley
22-25, M
3 Responses Sep 8, 2012

She is going to love you regardless...and I am sure she has the same fears. Just rememeber to communicate! If you are feeling down or bad, tell her that, so she isnt blaming herself. Hang in there! Can i ask you, did you go through pre deployment detachment before you left? If can we be there for you? Thank you so much

I think we have the same worries being girlfriends and wives back home that our men will come back and things will be different. The thing is those worries are easily put to rest when you remember how important you are to each other and how much love there is. I love my man for everything he is, and especially the hardships because that makes us grow. Before my soldier left he wanted to end things but we talked through it and realized there is more here and distance can't change it. Talk to your wife, let her know how much you love her no matter what and ask her if she will be there for you too. Its not wrong to want reconfirmation of feelings. Everytime I talk to my soldier we tell each other these things.

She's your wife.She will love you for who you are no matter what.It won't always be easy but it all will fall together.

Thank you I hope so, but I have changed so much even I can tell