Not Coping Well Without Him

Hes been in the sand box for just over a week now and I'm not coping well at all. I can't breathe properly, I feel like my heart is hurting. I can't bear being without him. Especially with the news at the moment, I am so worried for him every moment of the day. I think about him and where he is all the time. He is moving somewhere very dangerous in the next couple of days and will have no contact for 5 weeks and I am hurting inside. I don't know how to cope. I thought I was prepared for this but now I'm not so sure. I wish this wasn't happening to me. I am moving back to uni in 2 weeks time and will be by myself, no family around and only a few friends. I feel sick at the thought that I will be worrying and will be so alone. He is on a 7 month tour.

If anyone has any coping mechanisms they use please share because I feel pretty helpless right now. Thanks.
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3 Responses Sep 17, 2012

No one can prepare themselves for that kind of thing. the one you love could be in danger and the worst part is it's's hard....but you can do this.
work out,
keep preocupied
meet some friends on EP ;)
you want yourself healthy, rested and at the end of the day a good tired.
That's why working out is so good because it releases endorphins and stress and makes you tired at the end of the day and you can finally close your eyes and shut the world out..and it brings you one day closer to you soldier. (this is how I see it)
never hesitate to message me-you're not alone, it is scary but life goes on. He'll be home soon.

All you can do is pray for him. I know it's hard not to worry but when it all gets too much, just try and remember this isn't anything you can control. x

hi my husband's also serving in afghanistan ryt now..were almost done with 2 months and another 7 months to go just like u...I feel d same way like you do..i worry a lot and cry myself to sleep at night..its normal to feel that way,but we just have to be stronger and stay positive. I know its harder than we thought but prayers really help me a lot:) I KNOW that our soldiers are going to be ok and will come home to us safe and sound!:) AND PS dont watch d news..its can only make you feel worse just stay positive coz im pretty sure ur soldier wanted u to be strong for him!!