Best Surprise Ever So Far!!!!

Tonight I got one of the best surprises from Ryan. I had just finished hangin out with a friend and all the sudden my phone rang and it was Ryan. HE CALLED ME!!!!! I was so happy to hear his voice, that's the one thing I've been wanting more than anything the past few months. We occasionally get to Skype an I get to hear talk to him then but it's so hard to hear him. I swear I've just fallen more in love with him from that little phone call that I'm ready to finish this deployment. All I have to say is.... Ryan I love you so much, that I can not explain. Your my heart my soul and you make me the happiest I have been in a while.
I can't wait till he is home and in my arms I miss him so much but I know I was meant to be with him at this point in my life. I'm a firm believer that everything happens for a reason and I now know the reason he was brought to me was to show me I can love again and that in strong enough to make it though anything. Ryan has my heart and I love him so incredibly much. He may protect this country but I protect his heart even tho he's miles away nothing will break me from him
Ldylvlylcks2002 Ldylvlylcks2002
31-35, F
Nov 21, 2012