First Time Dating A Man In The Military And First Deployment

My boyfriend is being deployed. As far as I know, he is still in the U.S. at his army base, but that can change in a second. He can be gone without me hearing from him. His family has been so supportive. I talk with his mom everyday. My stomach is in knots and I can't eat or sleep. I cry myself to sleep at night and break down in tears several times a day. I'm trying to live my life, but it's so hard right now. I'm just living one day at a time until he comes home. Hoping I can talk to some of you who are going through the same thing as I am and hopefully we can help each other out. God bless and stay strong ladies! :)
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I can't relate to my man being a war zone but he's in Japan lucky for me but I did find for that writing in a book helped. I'd basically tell him how I feel how thing had been when I'd get annoyed or angry cuz we couldn't talk and honestly it's been very helpful. I did have the same thing happen to me when Ryan left for Japan I got a text on a Saturday saying babe I'm going to Japan. I didn't hear from him for a week them he managed to let me know he was in Guam. My best friend had her hubby deployed to afghan and she dealt with all the troubles with communication their but having friends there for you an keeping busy are the best things

Tell him thank you for defending our freedom! He is in my prayers as is everyone who defends us!

I definitely will, thank you!

Thank you!