Love My Soldier Not My Internet

Really missing my boyfriend.
Has anyone ever had Skype cut out in the middle of a really special moment and it just ruins the rest of your day?
Had a lot of communication issues today. Stupid internet at the base he is at. I just want to hear his voice and see his face. It's driving me crazy!
Then our internet issues got so bad it cut out in the middle of our conversation so I didn't even get to tell him good night. And it made me kinda sad. I miss him so much.
With all the drama that's going on I really wish he was here. Deep down I'm really lonely right now. But the second I get to talk to him that feeling will quickly melt away and it will be just me and him.

really Just needing people who understand today:/
LittleMissAirhead LittleMissAirhead
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1 Response Jan 17, 2013

It does that, especially depending on where he happens to be. Sucks, doesn't it? :/ Skype can be more than frustrating, but if you just like to hear his voice and want to keep it on you for times when you can't hear or see him on screen, download the app Voxer to your phone! It's like leaving little voicemails for each other that you can listen to with ease whenever you like! Otherwise, good luck with your communication endeavors, shug :]

I used to have it. But he doesn't. So I can't do that. We are using Viber to text back and forward but its not realiable. Its more realible than skype

That's interesting cuz Viber always crapped out on us three minutes into the conversation, as well as there being a significant lag. Maybe it's our carriers. But glad you've found something that works.