One Of Those Nights

it's one of those nights where no one understands. when i'm hanging out with my friends and they happen to be guys and girls, there's no issue. But then I have the couple of friends who get jealous because we all hang out as a group or by ourselves for awhile. Seems like i'm losing friends because of drama and I just wish he was home.. :( sorry, had to get that out in the open.
musicalsoul10 musicalsoul10
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1 Response Feb 3, 2013

Going through silly things without him just makes you a bit stronger day by day, and makes you realize how good you had it when he was there. But once he comes back, it'll all be straight again! Just hang in there and do your thing; it'll be over soon enough :]

thank you. that means a lot

Think nothing of it, doll. That's what we're all here for :]

it helps to know someone understands. I did get to text him earlier, so ive smiled at least once today lol.

See? That's the stuff that counts!

yeah. it helps. but its my friends here that dont understand that get to me.

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