So Difficult, But Definitely Worth It.

I've never had to go through something like this before. And I'm finding it very difficult to be strong when all I want is for him to be here with me. I see all the couples around me that get to spend time with each other, and it kills me. I want that.
The people that see him every day do not know how extremely lucky they are to have that opportunity. I would do anything and give anything to be with him.
We do get to skype, and I'll stay up all night just so I can talk to him.
He'll be coming home in June for his leave, and I'm counting down the days til I'll get to be with him.
briananoellove briananoellove 18-21, F 2 Responses Feb 9, 2013

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I love what you wrote. I'm in the same situation. My boyfriend left the first week of January. He'll be back in April for his 2 week leave. We had been able to skype almost daily until he left for his mission on Sunday. I'm now out of contact with him basically until he comes home for leave.
I'm like you though. It's so hard seeing other couples around. I've realized that I've really taken the small things in life for granted. A simple phone call is one of the greatest gifts to me...or a skype session...or a short e-mail. A lot of people don't realize how lucky they have it.

Yeah its definitely been rough. He left for his underway on Friday and I'm really missing the Skype sessions. Every once in a while I'll get a message but its pretty rare.

Well the news of the mission was a shock to me. I knew it was coming up but it wasn't suppose to be until this coming up Saturday. We had skyped this passed Saturday night for a few hours and then he fb messaged me on Sunday and told me the changed plans...something I've gotten used to, nothing really ever seems set in stone with the military. I so adore seeing his pixelated face on my screen.

Oh god I know. He was telling me about his plans for when he gets back from this deployment. But I'm planning on them changing. Just got to get used to it.
I have his pictures on my phone and my laptop so I'll always have a little bit of him with me.

Most people cannot understand what it is like to be separated from their spouse and worry about life and death. Not to mentioned most military spouses are uprooted from their homes because they fell in love with someone who wanted to make a difference. I completely understand that feeling because I was enlisted for 10 years but then I got out and was a military spouse...let me tell you it was much easier being in and much easier being the one who deployed. Never forget you are really the one that has it the hardest but always remember to pray for his safety.

I definitely am praying that he'll come home to me safely. I worry every day that he's gone.