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First Time...

This is the first time my husband and I will be separated since we started dating. I've realized since he's been gone how little of things I have of his to keep myself going everyday. I realize how hes been holding me down for over a year now and I'm to the point I feel like i'm falling apart. I keep reminding myself it wont be forever.....but not a second passes that he isnt on my mind. I just want him home. I want to be able to wrap my arms around him and kiss him. I know I need to stay strong for him and our daughter....but how can you do that? How can I stay positive when i feel as if i can barely function day to day without him?
SailorsWife2012 SailorsWife2012 18-21, F 2 Responses Feb 11, 2013

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I can somewhat relate to how you feel. I'm a mom of two and my kids a from a previous relationship. I met my marine almost a year ago and we clicked and things have been great only down side is most of our relationship he's been deployed or in training. I want to breakdown and cry quite often but can't because I need be strong for my kids. The one thing that's helped it I write JB a journal that I'm giving Ryan when he gets home and it's helped a lot it very therapeutic. I would suggest that you could do that and write down things that happen for you and you daughter

Although I have never been in your particular situation, I do know what it's like to worry about a loved one day and night. My best advice is keep talking about it with people who are sympathetic and understanding. You will find strength in those around you. You can do this. And if all else fails and you have no one to talk to, come back here and write. It has helped me at times and from what I have seen from others, it helps them too.