My First Deployment With My New Love!

My ARMY man and I have not been together for very long, but we both feel like we've known each other for all of our lives. We are both 39 years old and have lots of experience with life, so we both knew and agreed about what we were looking for in this relationship. We've been together now for some months; and then all of a sudden right in the middle of the "I can't stop thinking about you's...I miss you's...I need you" stage; he was deployed.

I would tell him that "I had often prayed for a man just like him" and that God had finally answered my prayers. And he'd jokingly tell me "you should have been careful for what you asked for"; because being the girlfriend of an ARMY man is a tough job in itself. The night before he left we spoke about how I would handle his deployment and I thought I had all the answers, though I'd never gone through anything like this before. -Let's just say that I HAD NO CLUE OF WHAT I WOULD ENDURE. I guess I really didn't understand the life of an ARMY girlfriend until NOW.

It really took a toll on me when the realization of what was actually going on in Afghanistan hit me. -It then became very personal for me. "God forgive me"...but before he left, I couldn't care less about the Afghan war and/or about what was going on there. Now, I find myself glued to television and googling to find out what's going on  to stay abreast of the situation there. I keep telling myself...This is his 3rd Tour...He's Experienced.....He highly Trained, etc. But the worry just won't fade.

Though he calls me and emails me every 3 days or so; I can't help but feel like a piece of me is gone. He's been gone a whole month now and it feels like 6 have passed. I miss him so much and am so worried about him; at times it feels like I'm going to loose my mind. I sleep with my phone and laptop in my bed hoping he'd call or write. Just a one min phone call or a 2 liner email makes my day.

Though we haven't been together for very long, we have already started building something very special. And though he's away, I still find myself growing closer to him daily. He feels the same way; and also tells me that though he doesn't understand how we've gotten so close and fell for each other in such a short time, he believes that God has a plan for us. He said that some people go through their tests and trials after years of being together, but we're just going through ours a little early. He always has something uplifting or upbeat to tell me; -even now. When he calls -and as I answer the phone he'll say"Is this the woman I'm crazy about??"   He's always sounding as though he's trying to cheer me up. (LOL) He just tells me that he understands that it's hard for me, but to please just hang in there. I told him that should be the last of his worries and that I'm not going anywhere....and even though our relationship is relatively new, I'll wait forever. I feel that I have been so blessed just to have met him.

I just need to know....Does it get any easier as time passes??? -I can't see where it will.

-Missing him terribly,

The Woman He's Crazy About!


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2 Responses Feb 19, 2009

HI!! this is our first deployment as well my husband is also in the army he left 2months ago for Iraq we got married in aug he left in dec and believe me I completely understand how you feel I too sleep with the phone beside me just in case I get one of those AM phone calls Im not gonna lie its hard as hell and sometimes I hurt so bad but I know he needs to know that Im ok and not going crazy so he can stay focused. my advice to you is always keep the communication open between you to, its okay to feel how you feel but always think positive, remember no news is good news, keep yourself occupied everything will be alright and if you ever need to talk or vent cry or even scream I'm here for you!! =]

LOL! You sound like all of here going through our first deploymnet if that helps any! Your NOT loosing your mind and your NOT alone!<br />
My hubby has been in Afghanistan since August of last year. We got married on his R&R in December! We have been through plenty of up and downs {{we are in a real "DOWN" right now, but things are looking better slowly) Of course it's hard and whatever time he os gone will seem 10 times longer. The phone, the laptop....VERY NORMAL! I even take my cell into the shower with me...LOL!<br />
I am so NOT going to lie to you....We are a little bit under 4 months from him coming home, and not 1 second has gotten easier...but it HAS made me a STRONGER person all around!<br />
I suggest finding things that you enjoy doing and keeping busy as you can be!! <br />
I know it's hard, but you have to think about you once in a while too, you sure don't want him coming home to a crazy basketcase right?<br />
You are also NOT ALONE! Everyone here knows EXACTLY what you are going through! Great site for support, advice, others to laugh and cry with! STAY STRONG! WE WILL ALL MKE IT THROUGH THIS TOGETHER!