Homecoming Ideas

Ok, so this is finally over in one week, ahh i feel like my brain is going to fall out. my emotions are out of control it feels like and i have finals this week and i'm sick, why all at once? but anyway, i want to do something really special(who doesnt?) and i don't think i can spend too much money though, since his birthday is a week later and gotta save funds for that. i just don't know what to do, i want it to be something like in the movie Juno when he opens the mailbox and all the tic tac's fall out, well not that exact scenario , but something really personal. i plan on having beer ready because i remember he said one of the first things he wants to do is have a beer. any ideas?

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3 Responses Mar 14, 2009

well I know that this is a bit late for you, but maybe someone else could benefit. www.oplove.org they are professional photographers that will photograph the reunion for free I believe. Check out the pix-they are amazing. They also do families with a soldier who is deploying soon. congrats on having your man home. Mine left....like today. I'm probably not gonna sleep for awhile.

Look at how strong you are now. You should buy some meizpeth coins for you guys. You each wear a pair to keep each other safe.x

CONGRATS on your man coming home! WOW a week! I can't wait till I am that close!<br />
I suggest that you DO have that beer ready, maybe a baby keg or something! A nice big dinner to go with that beer is sure to please! ;)<br />
At any rate the best part of him coming home, is that he is going home to you!<br />
BREATH and enjoy your time with him!