This Sux

this will be our first deployment but it feels like it's already been going on for almost a year now!!! My soldier found out he got into the military they sent him to basic 10 days later then from there to AIT and from AIT to training for deployment he's been home 2 weeks at the longest the other times have been a day or so here and there.....I AM READY FOR THIS TO BE OVER and it's only beginning he is in Cali right now training....he deploys in April and will be gone until Feb 2010 :( I am hanging in there because I love him soooo very much but I will admit THIS IS AWLFUL it's a terrible feelin knowin the one you love isn't coming home for a looooooong time and he's puttin his life on the line....just here for some advice. I try not to let him know how much it bothers me (because we all know how stressed they are anyways we need to be the strong ones ;)  ) it will be nice to have some people who are going thru or have been thru this experience to talk to.  Any Advice?

soldierzgrl soldierzgrl
18-21, F
Mar 15, 2009