Phone Services?

Hey girls so this isn't really a story more like a question......I was just wondering if anyone knew of how to go about gettin a cell or some sort of communication that my soldier could take with hiM to iraq in april.....I've heard of skype and all that but have no idea where to begin or what it even consists of....he is in for a visit april 8th so if you have any info i would greatly appreciate it ASAP so i can try to find him something....THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH!!

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3 Responses Mar 19, 2009

im not formilar with skype but i know that my husbad and i talk on yahoo messanger and you can call eachother through that although it worked very very well to gegin with the reception got to be awful...but maybe yall can try that

I use Skype and LOVE IT! Of course you have to have a computer but the program is free and with a webcam you can see each other and talk real time. It is not jerky. It works all over the world on any pc and it's all free. Go to and read about it. I used it for around 3 years now with no complaints :). Any questions please message me.

hmmmmm, i've never heard of taking a phone, but you should definitely do skype, my bf never really used it though so i am not sure how it works and download yahoo messenger, on yahoo you can make calls and stuff, oh and get webcams that helps a lot too. you could probably buy him calling cards too, that way when he runs out he has no excuse lol