Almost Done

So i will be reunited with my love on sunday. I can't wait, but I am trying to not get my hopes up. i don't want to have a lot of expectations and then be disappointed. Ugh, i can't stand the flux of emotions that have come and gone the last few weeks. I thought i was doing well throughout the whole thing until the last 2 weeks, but now i am in better spirits. I need to be positive not only for him but myself. I want to be in the right mindset when i see him and i want to act like myself. Thinking negatively will only reflect through my actions and then i could start creating problems that may not even exist. I can't wait to touch, feel and smell him. Its gonna be crazy. I'm driving to our hometown tonight and it feels unreal. I feel like i am just going back to home to visit family and hang out with my friends and at the same time i'm acting like it's prom all over again and doing everything from painting my toe nails to shaving every hair off my body...hahhah. I hope that things go well.

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2 Responses Mar 20, 2009

veryyy awesome! yeah definetly just try and relax, no need to stress urself out. he'll love seeing u even if u don't get all dolled up.. but i do the same thing too lol

Oh I am so glad to hear that! CONGRATS!!! Everything is going to be sooo great! Just remember think might be a little weird at first he has been through a lot...but just imagine seeing him for the first time again! Uhhh I am so excited for you!