He Just Left :(

Does anyone know of a military wives like support group for deployed marines ...soldiers and sailors?


 i cant find anything and its going to be a long 7 months...


 he is a grunt and we wont get to talk much , im just incredibly sad

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Most bases have a website and you might find info there. I'm guessing you'll have an FRG(Family Readiness Group or something like it My baby is army). Anyway, FRG is a group that can offer tips and support and direct you anywhere you need to go or anything you need to do. And groups online like this one work good too.

heyy my man is in the marines and he is deployed right now, hes also a grunt. its already been two months and it has actually gone by faster than i expected. i wanted to say ive always thought i was a pretty strong person but when he left was probablly the worst its been so far for me. i cried a lot and i dont normally cry too much ha. but not saying it gets any easier, but u will start to be able to adapt and accept it as the days go on. u have to embrace it and let urself cry, u really do. but then u pick ur head up and push on , ur wonderful little boy will probablly cheer u up and keep ya occupied too im sure:) <br />
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with the whole communication i didnt hear to much from my guy at all to start but a phone call from a satelite phone every other week maybe? but right now hes at a base for a bit and one week i heard from him almost every day. u never know. but he might be able to have access to computers too so technology is in our favor luckily haha and theres always good old letters.<br />
well i had a loott more advice than it thought, and im not sure if it helped. but i can say ull be alright u can do it and just gotta have faith :)

I know that this can be a very difficult time. Although I do not know exactly what you are going through, I do understand. My son has been deployed 5 times. His wife is also in the Military and is expecting to be deployed this year. She just gave birth to a beautiful baby boy that she will leave behind for my son and I to care for. People do not understand what families of the military go through...it is not just the person deployed it is all those that are left behind.<br />
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If you any where near a base either go on line or contact the base. Most bases will have a group that you can join to help you with your husband being deployed. There are usually groups on base for wives that you may also want to check out. There are plenty of websites as well. If nothing else there are those of use who care right here. Just reach out and someone will be there for you.<br />
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I want to thank-you, your family and your husband for doing what you do. God bless you and your husband.<br />
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If you ever just want to talk I am here.

well, we are stationed in Hawaii and he is enroute to iraq. He is a mortar man so i know he will be very busy when he gets there. he says he will try and call at least once a week. He is a Cpl and is working on picking up sgt. <br />
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So there is a way to contact them at the FOB? I'm soo newb at this, and i want him to perceive me as a strong woman..but this...this without him watching him leave on that bus...it surely almost broke me. <br />
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I'm just having a hard time right now. it's a little more difficult then i thought it was going to be...i've looked for chatrooms that maybe other wives who's husbands or boyfriends or fiancee's are deployed but i cant find anything...<br />
They say it gets better, after the first few weeks but..honestly...i have no idea.

one of the great thing to do that nobody ever thinks about is to call his base operator. Where he is assigned to her in the states and just ask how you can get in touch with your marine. They have a tons of phones numbers in a book that lets them connect family to members in that town across the world. Depending on his location of course. So give your local base a call, ask to get connected to his deployed base, and give that third party the local number you want. As long as you keep it under 15 minutes, the operator will not hang up on you. We hate that.

As a mom myself, I can imagine how hard this must be for you.<br />
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I'll keep you in my prayers!

thank you so much for your support, i really thought iwas ready but im so torn up today i cry at the drop of a hat...<br />
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i miss him so much i didnt know how much i was attached to him.<br />
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this will make me stronger, right? God i hope so ...or this may surely may be my demise. I miss his voice...We have a little boy who isnt 2 yet and doesnt really understand he is just wondering when daddy will come home. than kyou for your prayers and support.<br />
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im going to try my very best to stay strong