So Scared

My DH and I are going through our 1st deployment. He leaves in January and I feel lost. I never even considered this as a possibility when we got married. He had already been honorably discharge from the army. 1 year ago in August he joined the National Guard. Now he is being deployed.
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I just got married to and my husband reenlisted and before he left all I did was cry and push him away now I wish I didn't I miss him so much.

mc83 is right we all can do this even when we think we cant, im 17 years old and this is the best and the hardest thing that i have done. my husband is on his first diployment right now he left in feb and he will be back in april, and just like yours he wasnt supposed to go to iraq, i got hurt about a year ago and they said he wouldnt have to go he couldnt he dont have a splen he was doing dome traning and it burst he has been to the hospital 2 time in iraq over it, buts hes doing good and he will be home soon, and just like the other girls said dpend as much time with him as you can when my husband left the first time befor r&r i didnt get to see him at all but when he come home for r&r i got to see him off and i kinda pushed him away i didnt want it to hurt as bad but now i wish i wouldnt have done that, trust me hug him kiss him tell him you love him look in to his eyes anything as much as you can, i knwo you can do it if i can, ill pray for you and your love god bless you

I am so sorry! I know how you are feeling! My guy left in Aug. I will tell you the best thing for us has been Yahoo IM. We talk everyday and the web cams are wonderful. I just miss that I can't pick up the phone and call him when I want/need to but I can IM him and that helps so much. I miss touching him. I know that sounds silly but that is what I miss the most. Keep your head up and enjoy the time you have right now. Stay strong! We all can do it even when we think we can't.

I'm sorry to hear that. Enjoy the time that you have together now. don't think and worry about the deployment until you have to. My worry started about a week before he left. We will all be here for you. you can do it.