Very Frustrated!

Hey Girls,

I am new at this site but I am really finding it helpful. I need to hear about R&R and how many times can they change the freaking date! His R&R has been changed 3 times just this week. Yesterday it was a 90% thing he was coming home in May now it is Dec. AGAIN. He just left in Aug. Don't get me wrong I would LOVE to see him and spend Christmas with him but that will mean almost a year before he is redeployed home. I was wondering if anybody else has experience with this. I am sooooooooo frustrated right now:)

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Sorry but from my experience dates given by the army are not set in stone and a lot of the time they do change for various reasons. It's so frustrating but unfortunatley something you get used to. My husband went to Afghan in Mid Sept and he only got a date for when he was leaving about ten days before he left, although we did know roughly when it would be. Now he says he's home in January but I doubt he will be, I have learnt to take the date changes with a pinch of salt and don't believe any of it until a few days before he's due to come home. My husband rarely tells me dates anymore because theres not much point. At first I would go mad but as I say you do get used to it. I remember when he was out in Cyprus for three months and he told me he would be back in a month, then it was two then three - I really lost it with him, even though it wasn't his fault bless!!! *hugs* it gets easier to deal with

I haven't had to go through this yet. My DH doesn't deploy until January, but I do have a nephew on his 2nd tour in Iraq. I don't remember my sister-in-law saying anything about this, and I'm sure she would have. I hope this isn't a normal thing.

I haven't had to deal with that yet. r&r is so far out for us. I hope things get better and from what I've heard changing r&r is a fairly common thing. Good luck