Mid Tour Leave

     My DH asked me a question last night. Do I want him to come home on a mid tour leave, or do I want him to save the leave for the end of his tour.

     I couldn't believe this question at the time. He said that he wouldn't actually get to come home any earlier, but that he would have more time off to spend with me when he got home.

     This of course was not the whole story behind the question. He said that he can see how hard it is on me right now, when he's not even gone yet. He said he doesn't want to put me through him leaving again.

     I don't know what to tell him. Of COURSE I want him to come home, but is it going to make it harder on him to leave again when, not if, I fall apart as he walks out the door again?

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2 Responses Oct 20, 2007

i got to see my husband 3 times before he actually left for iraq i actually thought is it easier to say good buy once or do it over and over. i wouldnt change the time i had with him for anything. my husband has been in iraq for almost 3 months and he asked me should i come home at the time of my leave or wait for when i am done and have more time in the end come home now i think it would be hard for him to go back after not seeing me for awhile that's bettter then not seeing him at all. i does seem like a dumb question but he is showing that he cares and doesnt want to cause you any more pain but they dont understand a little pain is good when you get more days with there arms around you it is priceless.

It is tough but for me personally I would want to see him halfway :)