First and Last....?

Um...okay. Well, my fiance left five weeks and three days ago-but whos counting? lol. It was so hard at first. I didn't want to move. I was afraid to wash his clothes in case they wouldn't smell like him anymore. I didn't want to move anything around cause it reminded me of was really hard.

But at some point in those first couple of weeks, I started to cry less. I actually laughed a little. I went out and visited with people, and listened to their stories too. I got out of the house. And eventually things started to get better.

I got a new job. I busied myself looking for little things to stick in a care package to send off. I write letters daily, and the calls and emails help too. I guess the best thing that helped was having a routine.

Friends and family help too. Sometimes I cant believe that I am already more than a month into it. I mean, when I look back, it seems like it was nothing. But to look forward....well, thats really hard too. Our first thanksgiving and christmas, our first new years, our first anniversary, valentines and his birthday. All apart.

But it will make us stronger. It has to. So I just keep putting one foot in front of other, taking that long walk to him. Nothing good was ever easy.
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My DH hasn't left yet, but he is going soon. I just had to let you know that I already had that thought about his clothes. It just struck me a little funny when I read my thought in your story. I did come up with a plan for this, kinda. I am going to buy a body pillow and make him sleep with it, or sit with it when he watches tv. I haven't quite got it figured out, but I will. I was also thinking I could put some of his deodorant, he doesn't wear cologne, on a t-shirt and put the t-shirt on the body pillow. I know that's a little corny, but I don't care. LOL! I'm glad that you have people around you for support, and that thing seem to get easier. If you need to talk we are hear to listen. I know it's already helping me.