Well, this isn't our first deployment, actually it is our second, and its just as hard, if not harder than the first.  I think that its harder because I know what to expect, like with the Homecoming, and the not so frequent phone calls.  Its not something that I am going into blind, so I think that it is going by slower because of all of it. 

    Our daughter was not even 2 yet when he left the first time, and now she is going on 4 so that makes it harder too because she knows that daddy isn't here, and isn't coming home for a while.  I think that its a lot harder on me because it is so hard on her!!

    I try and help other wives/girlfriends/fiance's through this, but each experience is different for everyone.  Some people aren't as strong as others and they take it a lot harder.  I am just glad that I have good friends that are helping me through it, and I am helping them through it. 

    I just want him to come home safely to us, NOW!  I know that sounds selfish, but I don't care right now.  It is so hard to be away from the one that you love for so long.  I am just glad that we only have 7 months.  I don't think that I could do the 15 months like the Army spouses have to!  I give them props on that!!  He has been gone 5 weeks and 3 days, and it seems like I have so much more time to go than I really do!  I pray for all of your loved ones that are over there, that they will come home safely and soon!!
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I don't find it too hard. I'm lucky because here in the UK our men don't get deployed for so long. The first time he went away was to Iraq for 6months but that was before we were together. Then two weeks after we got married he went to Cyprus for 3months - that was awful because I had just moved away from home and had no friends, family or job. This time it's Afghan for 6months and I'm not doing to bad. I miss him but not as much as I thought I would. *HUGS* how long is your man away for?