Does anyone else's sig other try to spoil them and protect them and do all that while he is over there? Mine tries to spend so much money on me but about the only thing he can get right now are flowers. I have flowers all over the house cause he just wants to remind me that he loves me you know incase this ring on my finger isn't enough of a reminder. Last night some one broke into my house, now they didn't steal anything the place is just a mess. I told Sam about it and he freaked like there was actually something eh could do about it. Finally my friend that I was staying with assured him that I was going to be ok. My friend would not let me go home alone for about a week. I think it is funny though because Sam said that he would be more afraid of me when I'm mad than one of his CO's when they are mad, and yet I can't go home by myself. Silly boys they are too cute sometimes. I was just wondering if anyone knew what I mean or understands why they do what they do when they just need to stay focused on what is going on there.
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I know what you mean! I keep getting random packages from ebay and amazon. I told him he should be getting things for himself if he was going to do that, but no! he keeps getting stuff for me lol.<br />
Gotta adore them.

they do it cause they love us so much. anthony sent me flowers for my birthday. i was like how did you do that from Iraq? So cute, but I don't tell him about bad things going on back here because I don't want him to worry. I think its cute your guy does so much