I Am Going Through My Second Divorce

two months back my husband moved out saying the marriage is over as my family interfers too much. Than about a week ago i found out that he actually left me for another woman and this woman knows he is married, but she just wants him. All the time telling me my family and me are to blame when he was cheating. he actually treats me like dirt. How can woman do that to other woman?

It is hard as i love my husband still. How do i get over this?
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im sorry to be the devils advocate but i can not believe women still end up with these losers. hell i cant find a good woman myself. being a guy i see the other side..lost fo my freinds have great gf's or wives and they cheat lie etc, wanna know why? because the lady they with is soooo stupid and they allow it...not to defend these guys but gees ladies, get it togther...some of us are good guys but we dont stand a chance as you women will ALWAYS stick to a jerk or ******* no matter what !!! so us nice ones ( at least i thnk i am) pay the price.,.im at the point that im blunt and tell women straight up what i feel etc. and let the chips fall. and to prove my point the last time i dated and had sex it was with a happily married ( ya think) lady but she also said she was leaving him and so on!!! see what i mean? why cant women just be real and blunt and honest? trust me it works...that way there is no misunderstanding..

Hi,<br />
always be your best, no matter what happens.<br />
always look your best, just for your self.<br />
paradise is real and is in that peacefull silent moment in your mind in your self.<br />
and if you cry, remember that tear clear your eye sight....<br />
learn with hurtfull moments, break a plate, a vase or a glass...get all unhappy, unpeacefull feelings out of your system...<br />
and last but not least, never, never be afraid to move on.....<br />
<br />
from someone who knows pain.....<br />
<br />
we only have one life...live it, and honour it!<br />
<br />
sinceraly,<br />
<br />

Lynn1809. Karma rules! Just remember that, even if you love him, he isn't good enough for you. Your life can be so much better without someone who would lie and cheat. You probably have no idea what else he has done behind your back. Take care of yourself, shower, do your hair, wear makeup and lipstick. You will feel so much better. If you're like me, you looked in the mirror and didn't like what you saw, that's just an emotional reaction to being rejected. You will get over him. Find some interests; a few: bowling, gardening, cooking (but don't overeat to make up for the love you're not getting right now) take up some exercise regimen, concentrate on getting your home spic and span. I went thru my closets and was aghast at the amount of clothes I had accumulated, I gave lots to Goodwill. If you have time and energy, find someplace where you can do volunteer work. I know that's not always possible. Go thru your mind and think what you were interested before 'he' came along and swept you off your feet. Good Luck

I just heard that my husbadn is proposing to this woman, he planned a romatic weekend and a romatic supper for tonite.<br />
<br />
How do you deal with this? he is not even divorced from me and does he think they really will be happy

It's super hard to go thru a second divorce. You have lots of people on your side and praying for you. Stay involved in things you like. I'm preparing for my third divorce and I'm 70 years old. My husband also lied through his teeth about his long absences, etc. while he was on the computer for hours, wooing a lady in FL who finally left her husband and young son. W/O my knowing, he moved her here to AZ and finally moved in with her, telling me that he just needed some space. I was so supportive of him and his nervous breakdown, I never saw the truth. He's been with her for 2 years and just now I've saved enough for a divorce. In the 2 years, he managed to hide or spend our retirement nest egg, about $150,000. Men lie, I guess women lie too when they are cheating. Best of luck to you.

It must be so bad for you, he slept with your best friend. How do you cope?<br />
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I know there is a rule between friends, never date your friends man or ex. <br />
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They say a womans tears never fall on dry ground. I trully belive that God will deal with them when they least expect it. She is bulding her happiness on your tears, but in the end she is the one that will end up 10 times worst.<br />
<br />
I know she is your best friend but cut her out of your life.

i have read here that the woman feel that the man is going to cheat anyway, and that the men weren't happy in there marriage. To me i still don't think it is ok. They are not giveing that marriage a chance. also i think there is somthing to be said about the woman, she knows he is a cheater and will see that everyday. He could do the same thing to her. So she will always have dout in that. Also these woman have issues comiting and dating a married man is safe.<br />
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i mean a man would go to counceling and work on the marriage if there wasn't a woman he could run too. I don't see a lot of men (or woman) leaving a marriage and not moving on to on to another person and just being alone.<br />
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I am sorry about this i am going through the same thing. my husband slept with my best and only friend. I helped her with a lot and she even told me at one point if i felt uncomfortable with her and my husband she would back off. Guess what i told her to back off and she didn't. I found out through one of my kids. it is heart breaking<br />
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i am sorry i truly am. And he is making excues for his behavior and starting fights with you to show you are a mean person. When he calls and he starts in with being mean, tell him that he is not being construtive and say bye and hang up. <br />
<br />
peace be with you