Going Through Second Divorce

I am going through second divorce. Life seems to be swinging between despair and hope. After years of dealing with OCPD wife who wouldn't take medication prescribed to her and being depressed, I decided to end it. Part of me feels guilty, but mostly relieved. Thankfully I am successful professionally which brings some positivity. However, I am feeling less connected with work and losing interest. Logically I do feel I should be able to meet someone who will love me and things should work out but illogical emotional feelings keep on telling me no one will love me again and things won't work out ever again. In totality feeling very lost in life.
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1 Response Feb 25, 2012

I am feeling same way right now. In middle of separation from 2nd marriage....brain feels like i should stay cause i am too old to start over and have 2 kids...but heart tells me to go live my life. then i think about what i want to do with my life. That is where it all gets confusing and scary. Are we too old to start over? how to we get back out there and compete with young better bodied people? if we do find someone we care about how are they going to react to our 2 failed marriages? I am glad you are professionally successful. That helps alot. My soon to be ex is feeling same way. he thinks that just because I can't reciprocate his love that there is something wrong with him. I try to encourage him. Just know that sometimes things don't work out, people drift and become different. Doesn't mean that you aren't capable of being loved or a bad person.